Bold ads from Twinings, Croma and L'Oréal Paris stand out for APAC consumers to top Kantar's 2024 Digital Creative Effectiveness Awards

2024/6/11 12:46:59

SINGAPORE, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The most powerful and creatively effective digital ads that made a bold mark on the APAC region in 2023 have today been revealed by Kantar, the world's leading marketing data and analytics company. Global powerhouse brands Twinings and L'Oréal Paris are joined by India's leading online shopping platform Croma Retail in the top three with bold and impactful digital creative that has truly connected with local market audiences.

APAC Grand Winners








In-house production


L'Oréal Paris

Glycolic Bright – You're Worth It

McCann Paris




In-house production

"When the going gets tough, the tough get bold and that has been demonstrated well by these three stellar examples of creativity made effective. Attention is a gift hard to come by on digital and these ads have demonstrated that when you unleash creativity without being stifled by category tropes or the temptation to follow the herd, attention, fame, and glory become natural outcomes," says Kantar's APAC Head of Creative Irene Joshy.

Twinings' "Dance" ad imaginatively showcases the uplifting power of tea through an execution that is a feast for the senses with its brilliant combination of stunning visuals and festive sound. Meanwhile, L'Oréal Paris' "Glycolic Bright – You're Worth It" ad was lauded for its clear storytelling highlighted by visually appealing and easily understandable demonstration of how its product can give the benefits of a high-end procedure more conveniently. Convenience for its customers is also at the heart of Croma's "Bahana" ad, told more impactfully through a highly entertaining story amplified by comedy and song that kept viewers engaged despite its ad length.

Built upon the opinion of real consumers and tested through Kantar's industry-leading ad testing tool LINK+, the 2024 Kantar APAC Digital Creative Effectiveness Awards recognise the most impactful digital ads from 2023 that have also been effective at both driving sales and increasing long-term brand equity, and boldly defying convention to firmly establish their marks in an increasingly complicated APAC advertising landscape.

APAC also produces global groundbreakers

In addition, four digital/social creatives from across the region were also recently celebrated in Kantar's Global Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards, for their exceptional creativity transcending geographical boundaries.






Royal Enfield


In-house production



Window Dresser

AJF Partnership



Rain Moments

McCann India



Juicy. Delicious. Must be Licious

In-house production

Laura Nerissa Parungao, Creative Domain Lead for Kantar Singapore, said: "We are thrilled to see more and more ads from our region being recognized on the global stage, especially for the Royal Enfield and Specsavers ads that even made it to the Global Top 15 for Digital / Social. Royal Enfield shows that boldness through eschewing category tropes can be rewarding, and Specsavers proved that clever humor is a strong consumer connector. The ads from Maggi and Licious, on the other hand, both deserved being shortlisted for showcasing the lasting power of elevating simple moments and owning them."  

Six traits of effective ads showcasing boldness amidst chaos in APAC

Analysis of the top regional and global winning ads hailing from APAC reveals six key stand-out themes to connect with consumers in the cluttered APAC media landscape:

  1. Frictionless – Within a chaotic world, simplicity is valued. Ads such as L'Oréal Paris' "Glycolic Acid – You're Worth It" and Croma's "Bahana" testify that impact can be landed through effectively showing how consumers can easily integrate the brand into their daily lives through clear narratives.
  2. Fortissimo – The majority of the best ads such as Royal Enfield's "Baazigar" and Twinings' "Dance" prominently featured music to capture attention and drive messaging showcasing how to stand out without adding to the noise.
  3. Fortitude – To be bold is to explore beyond category tropes such as what Royal Enfield did with its "Baazigar" ad, which bucked automative creative expectations and focused not on product features but instead on the pride owners have for their bikes.
  4. Faithfulness – Ads like Maggi's "Rain Moments" demonstrate how consistency over time and being true to the brand's DNA powers lasting consumer connections.
  5. Fantasy – Fantasy is not just about escapism; it can also be about how brands elevate the mundane through positively triggering the senses like in Licious' "Juicy. Delicious. Must be Licious" ad.
  6. Fun – Specsavers' "Window Dresser" and Croma's "Bahana" ads showcase that humour done right continues to be critical in establishing relevant connections with consumers.

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About the Kantar Digital Creative Effectiveness Awards for APAC

All the ads we showcase are brought to us by our clients and their agencies. We select our winners on a quantitative level from our LINK+ scores 'as judged by the consumer' and a qualitative level by review our top scoring ads by Kantar creative experts in the region. Our LINK+ solution gives us benchmarked creative performance metrics and a validated predicted short-term sales lift, meaning our winners are a magic combination of creativity and effectiveness, driving sales and brand equity.